Keep Site Yes or No?

With the popularity of Facebook and the amount of time many of you spend on it instead of our own official site, I am thinking about NOT renewing our site here at (Which fee is due in 10 days.).  When I first created the site I thought ALL OF US, would have appreciated it and used it.   This website was created to promote, celebrate and reconnect all the classmates of the I.S.184 Jr. High School Class of 1980.  Your participation was  essential for this website to be a success.

So many of the features I put on here have gone used, like the sponsor link to promote thing you're into, the chat video room, the gallery, the discussion forums, many of you don't even welcome new classmates that we find or wish classmates happy birthday.   These features all took a lot of time to create yet they went unused.

Though we can not all meet in person we could have did an online reunion in our video chat room right from our homes for FREE!    But I can't even get you guys to reply to emails or suggestions.

So here's my final effort to save or site.   Kindly vote in this survey yes or no if you would like for me to keep the site open.  This don't mean you have to contribut money if you can't but at least use the site, its features and promote the site on Facebook.  Remember THIS IS OUR SITE.


Maurice Watts

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